Storke Tower: The Witness of the Development in Santa Barbara

The first thing every one firstly notice when get to the area of University of California, Santa Barbara, is the a tall tower stand in the center of the campus and this tower has been stood there for almost 50 years. This tower is the highest sturcture in Santa Barbara County, and this tower means a lot to students, faculty and staff in UC Santa Barbara.

This inconic tower is called Storke Tower which is named for Thomas M. Storke . Storke Tower is 175 feet high and dedicated on September 28, 1969. Storke Tower looks like beacon, however, it actually is a carillon, and it annouce hours every hours until now. There are totally 61 bells, weigh from 13 pound to more than 2 tons. On the four heaviest bells amoung these bells, each one is inscribed with words. When every hour, computer will electonically control all the bells in the Storke Tower and plays the Westminter Quarters. “Every hour at 10 minutes to the hour, the bells chime the UC motto ‘Let There Be Light‘”

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Picture Taken by John Wiley This is the aerial view of UC Santa Barbara campus. Stoke Tower is located in the center of the campus.

The Storke Tower is not just carillion that annouces hours. It also carries the collective memory of students from time to time. After 1969, the tower was dedicated, thousands of students were used to passed by the tower and left so many menmorable time under Storke Tower. Storke Tower had exprienced several decades and still tood there. UCSB and the whole county has been changed a lot these years. The Storke Tower has been the witness of the development of UCSB and even the whole Santa Barbara County.

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Screeenshots of Storke Tower dedicated. From dailyxexus .com 

The height of the Storke Tower is beneficial for people who first visit UCSB campus, becasue people can see this tall tower no matter where you are. The other good thing is that every roads in campus will eventually head to Storke Tower, which means people can always find the way back if they know where Storke Tower is. When I first came to UCSB, I remembered I did not know how to get back to my dorm when I got Cambell Hall. There was no one that I can ask and any map, when I gave up and tried to call my friends for help, I suddenly saw a tall building from a distance. The building is a tower that I just walked by in the morning. I followed the path to the tower and finally find the way to Santa Rosa Hall.

People usually remember things by a certain site, object or artifact, because a objective item will stay longer in human being’s mind. That is why so many people want to use objects or words to memorize things. The Storke Tower is the witness of the development of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Over decades, UCSB is changing over and over, there are more building, more students, and better resources for the whole community. Time flies, Storke Tower stand still. Every time we hear the sound of the carillon, it always reminds us the motto of UCSB “Let There Be Light”.