What We Share at UCSB

What We Share at UCSBThe murals of North Hall portrays the monumental moment on October 15, 1968. There are so many people who come and go at the University of California, Santa Barbara and don’t realize the history that has made the school. The people who are a part of the university all have the ability to cause change on their campus and the people around them. The place, politics, people, and area of this place is what influences the student’s spark to become compassionate of making themselves a part of the university and make a difference; no matter how small or big. Outside influences from the university can also cause people to have the ability to cause a movement on the campus; such as Malcolm X’s protests of equality for all races and black nationalism. The campus of UCSB would not have been as it would be today if protest at North Hall did not occur. (North Hall building at UCSB)IMG_3482

North Hall Take over

Newspaper picture from El Gaucho: North Hall takeover; one of the twelve black students raises his fist as a he yells out for justice.


Mural at North Hall that shows the time of the protest.

IMG_3463I usually just walked by the murals without any thought, I would only glance at them as I passed by, noting the black and white pictures but not the true meaning behind them. In many ways, people, including myself, take history for granted. Only when the past affects the present will people become interested in the significance of that place or event. The North Hall protest in 1968 did affect people at UCSB, it’s just that people today don’t know the history behind it.

eternal flame

The Eternal Flame, a dedication from the class of 1968.


Most of the history of UCSB is represented as monuments or structures. The Eternal Flame near Buchanan Hall is connected to the murals; they are both related to the class of 1968. Also, the Department of Black Studies was created because of the protest at North Hall in 1968. The year 1968 was a year of change for the university,


Each place has a meaning behind it, it only takes some curiosity and questioning of why and how the place is. I feel a little more closer to the school now that I have more information of the monuments and murals I pass by on my way to class. In a way, I can easily identify myself with the school. I can be to be myself in a place where I can grow to be a successful person and make history.