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Light in the time of darkness





The new LED lighted Pardall tunnel inspired by Marcos Novak and Kim Yasuda

What is the Pardall Tunnel?

The Pardall tunnel is a small tunnel that connects both UCSB and the Isla Vista community. Built in 1967, it used to be just any tunnel with a bike path and sidewalk for people to come and go as they please. But just recently last year in 2015, it became a place where people can ponder and remember things. it has earned so much more significance now, and is more than just a tunnel.


The Pardall center outlined with the Blue tea lights to support solidarity and Bluenite IV

Hesperus is Phosphorus

With the inspiration of art professor Kim Yasuda and the help of Marcos Novak, another professor at UCSB, they turned this simple tunnel into the light out community needed in a time of darkness. After the tragedy of a massive shooting here in isla vista that killed 6 people and injured others our community was looking for something that would help us remember these people and help our community heal. With solar powered, motion sensing LED lights the tunnel is illuminated all day everyday in honor of these lives that were lost and in respect to those who survived.┬áThe idea of the LED lights was available because they are sustainable with no wiring and they come on at night. it is a message to let people know they are welcome and safe once they enter or exit campus. After the installation the whole project tunnel has thus been names Hesperus is Phosphorus in reference to the greek morning and evening star being one and the same. The lighted tunnel itself was names Uguisukangei, a japanese term for the nightingale floor. The lighted garden that follows has been named Ikimin Aquino Spe’y chumash for new star flowers. Novak said, ” the field of light project is meant to resemble a field of poppies during the day and stars in the sky at night.


Isla Vista brought together by Bluenite after the one year anniversary of the tragic shooting back in 2014

Bluenite IV

After this installation in 2015, local businesses and homes down pardall and downtown loop in Isla Vista, have been encouraged to outline their buildings with blue tea lights in a trail that would then culminate with the illumination of the isla vista love and remembrance garden. This event has been called Bluenite IV. and has also included paper bag lanterns with tea lights that extends to the end of may. This night to remember has been thought of something that should be done annually to resemble solidarity in our community. the vigil starts at Storke tower and ends in the people’s park with an open mic.


Hand made trail of paper lanterns down Isla Vista as part of Bluenite IV and to honor the new tunnel and the meaning for it


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