Changes In History: The Story Behind The Murals

Everyday we walk past different landmarks and plaques that we might not even know of their existence.  We see them, think they look pretty, and continue with our day without knowing how important they are.  An example of these landmarks would be the murals placed of UCSBs North Hall.  Many people see them admire them and have a slight idea of what is going on in the image.  But what if you could know the story of what went on that day and the important changes it created?

The History:

Video: The history behind the murals and how its impacts today



Changing the name of “North Hall”to “Malcolm X Hall” as part of their protest.(taken by author)

What occurred in 1986?:

Back in 1968 a group of twelve students decided they had enough of not being treated the same or having the same privileges as the rest of the students.  These students locked themselves inside of North Hall in protest for these rights they believed all students should have.  While being locked within the building they gained a lot of attention and brought in tons of people that crowded the entrance to see what was going on.  Their protest


Images of the students protesting within the building. (taken by author)

brought in a huge crowd filled with people that supported what they were doing and those who didn’t favor any or their actions.  Although they were in the building for a long time these students did not struggle because the crowd they gained would help them by bringing them food and surrounding the building.  The protest continued for many hours, but after staying in the building and being dedicated to their protest the students were able to leave with a joy of accomplishment by ending their protest with a lot of their demands met.

The After Effect:


The large crowd that was brought in when they became aware of the protest. (taken by author)


Protestors inside the building and those assisting/protesting from outside. (taken by author)

Today the hard work that this small group of students put in play back in 1968 is remembered with a few enlarged photographic murals that were placed on both walls at the entrance of North Hall.  These images take us back to the time period of the protest and remind us of the changes that were made during this time because of the protest.  We get to see and actual visual representation what the protest looked like and in a way be able to live in that moment when we know everything that occurred.  These images would have not existed if a group of students in 2012 hadn’t demanded they to be made and placed in memory of what had occurred.  Without these images and the students that demanded them to be put up in 2012 many students and visitors would not know about the history of UCSB and the many lives that were affected by this single protest a group of students created.  With the creation of these images people are now able to have a memory of this day by looking at the images and know about this day by reading the plaque and paper on the wall about this day .

Want More Information:

These murals are a great representation of the history and development of the UCSB campus.  Other than these murals there are many objects with a rich history behind them in UCSB and its local college town “Isla Vista”.  For those interested in researching more about UCSBs history you can simply go online and type in your interests or visit the UCSB campus.  Many artifacts include plaques describing there events and information about them which out be an easier form of looking into them for many people.  For example, the following images of a plaque describing the images and how the murals came to exist at North Hall and a news paper article written after the event back in 1968.