Murals of Remembrance

If you take a look at your surroundings carefully, you will notice that there are places and/or objects that are of great significance, but they are not noticed until you examine and question their existence. Many murals are painted by talented individuals in order to share a message, or to give to a community a reflection of themselves.

For example, above is the Turtle Mural on 6568 Sabado Tarde. It is a memorial for the Isla Vista Massacre victims. Gauchos wanted the mural to reflect the respect and love that they have for the students who passed way. This mural symbolizes the history of the massacre, and at the same time, is a reminder of strength to the fellow gauchos. The details of the mural are descriptive of the incidents that occurred in the community. To relieve those tough emotions, UCSB artists expressed them and turn it into a gift for Isla Vista. 

This mural by Maclovio, in Ciudad Juarez, is representational of a reoccurring issue . This mural addresses the horrific issue of femicide that has been happening since 1933. It is set near the border, where female hate crimes usually occur. It gives condolences to the devastated loved ones, as well as informs the public of this tragedy. The artist shows  his admiration of these girls by emphasizing their beauty that sadly is dangerous. The girls that are most likely to be targeted, are those that are “slim with big brown eyes and long brown hair,” which is depicted in his art piece but explained in the article. Maclovio also adds in the Mexican flag, the Rio Grande, and the Rio Bravo to make this not only a local concern, but a global concern as well.


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The next mural painting, “Los Niños Del Mundo,” by Emigdio Vasquez,  was made with the help of Elementary and Jr. High School students. It is meant to symbolize the hope of unity for incoming generations. It is located near Lemon Park in Fullerton, California. It is an addition of previous murals that beacame essential to the town’s history.


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The following photo of a 911 Memorial Mural, by Fred Hatt, illustrates the importance of having the murals in a public space. They allow people to come together and commemorate events passed. Also, it keeps those significant events in our present life, through the art expressions that the artists leave behind. These events being honored in our present life allow us to move past these tragedies and eventually make peace with them.


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Murals are commonly seen in public or popular spaces, usually to send a message and/or to illustrate a community’s history.