Student Life after 1968 North Hall Protest


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Student life at UCSB would have never been the same without the courageous students of 1968. On October 14, 1968 students of the Black Student Union protested against the school because of the lack of minority representation at the school. They requested to have more black representation in the staff and to create a new college of Black Studies.


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After the protest, the school agreed to make more of an effort to hire more minority staff and to create a college of black studies. The College of Black Studies is made to have a study that wasn’t like any of the other studies that focused on black ethnicity. It  gave black students a chance to know more about their culture. After Black studies came, all the rest of the ethnic studies from Latino to Asian American literature emerged.

The Multi Culture Center was developed after the North Hall takeover in 1987. The North Hall takeover gave the Multi Culture Center a platform to start the whole center. It is designed to give students of color a hospitable safe haven for the students to be in. Their goal is to fight institutional racism and to give equal opportunity for all races.

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Earlier this year there was an event called “Walk With Us” held by the Alumni Association, in which they held a commemorative service on Martin Luther King Day. The class of 1968 gifted the school with the artifact called the Eternal Flame in the front hall of Buchanan Hall.“The Eternal Flame is a representation of the spark we each carry in our hearts for the ideals of Dr. King and for the work of other martyrs,” said Sojourner Kincaid Rolle. The plaque on the display had a famous quote from Dr. Martin Luther King that said: ” The large house in which we live demands that we transform this worldwide neighborhood into wide brotherhood, together we must learn to live as brothers or together we will be forced to perish as fools”.  . From the Eternal Flame, they then walked over to look at the mural of the Black Student Takeover of 1968 at North Hall to commemorate the students who changed the school forever.

UCSB has made a big change in reaching out to more minority groups. As an African American at this school, I feel like the school has made more of an effort to raise the demographics of African Americans. When I was first looking into this school the minority admissions department reached out to me at spring insight. They tried their best to make sure I felt like I was at home and in a hospitable atmosphere. The students at North Hall pioneered a change for minority students at UCSB. They are still making changes today to make this school as diverse as possible. Without those courageous students at North Hall, UCSB certainly would not of been the same.

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